ACE SmartDome is a control system that can be used to automate your observatory dome or other enclosure, setting it up for easy computer control. We can automate any dome system, new or old. We'll work with you to identify everything you need to make your dome work under computer control, and then come to your site to fit your dome for SmartDome, so you won't need to hassle with equipment or wiring. SmartDome uses ASCOM to interface easily with widely used astronomy software, such as MaximDL, ACP, or TheSkyX, so that your dome will automatically point and track along with the telescope.

It has numerous advanced features demanded by large professional observatories.

  • Control of multiple doors
  • Programmable acceleration and velocity
  • Variable dome speed for fast, accurate pointing
  • Automatic closure due to bad weather or loss of communications
  • Windscreen control
  • TCP/IP and Serial Port communication
  • ASCOM compatibility
  • Professional installation

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