Research Grade Telescopes

ACE specializes in fully integrated turnkey observatory systems for the modern research and public education facility. We currently invite inquiries for systems in the 0.5-m to 2.0-m aperture range.


Dome Automation

ACE has a complete range of products and services for your observatory dome. The dome is perhaps the most vital element in a robotic system – it must be able to close under any conditions. We specialize in the automation of Ash Domes and large domes found at professional observatories.



ACE has a complete range of Finder-Guider boxes, from simple flip-mirror arrangements to sophisticated off-axis XY-stage guider systems to meet your exacting science requirements.


Filter Wheels

ACE offers a broad range of filter wheels up to 102mm capacity . These products are completely different from the flimsy boxes offered by others. ACE filter wheel boxes are machined from a single block of 6061-T6 aluminum, have integral light-lock seals and are designed to take heavy detectors without flexing. They can be found in research laboratories and observatories all around the world, on telescopes up to 8-m aperture.



We custom design and manufacture spectrographs for teaching and research.



As our name implies, Astronomical Consultants & Equipment, Inc, provides consulting services.


Telescope Relocation

ACE has a wealth of experience in relocating astronomical telescopes.


Retrofit and Renovation

ACE has renovated a large number of quality telescopes.

Astronomical Consultants & Equipment, Inc. (ACE) designs and manufactures research grade telescopes in the 0.5-m to 2.0-m range and other equipment for observing. A completely integrated suite of instrumentation, such as finder-guider systems, filter wheels, spectrographs and dome controls provides a turnkey package for robotic observatories. We specialize in custom instrumentation and the retrofitting of quality astronomical telescopes with a modern computer control system. If you are planning a new facility we provide consulting services to make sure the observatory will meet your science goals.